5 Easy to Make DIY Dog Toys

Are you a pet lover? If you are one like me, I am sure, you have visited a pet toy store recently. You may have noticed that the prices are high. Sometimes you realize that you need a dog toy but can’t afford it. Therefore, you are forced to just look at it never go with it at home. If you are one person who has been yearning to have a toy for your dog but can’t afford, I am here to show you the best way to have any kind of dog toy that you want. Here are the five easy to make DIY doy toys.

Make a DIY plastic container Dog Toy

One thing about dogs is that they love crunchy stuff. So, plastic bottles make such good satisfying crunches. In case the dog is a great chewer, ensure that you do not leave the dog unattended. Supervise them at all times. To create a plaything, get a plastic bottle, begin by wrapping it in a fabric or sock that you prefer. 

Craft a doggie tug plaything

To make this one, you will need to get an old T-shirt. Many dogs adore a nice name tug. Contrary to the conventional tale it won’t cause your dog to be hostile. Ensure that you set some rules and limits like the game ends when I feel the teeth on the hands. These rules should be clear before starting.

Make a rope and ping pong Ball plaything

If you enjoy playing tug with your dog, this is for you. This is among the most mentally and physically tiring games. There is good news. In case you have a tug plaything in your home you can quickly create a tennis ball and rope. So, for this one, you just need a ping pong ball. For you to create the plaything, drill or hack an opening on every side of that ball. It should be big rather join rope through. The next thing is to match the rope to the middle of that rope and then tie a few knots to secure it.

Make a flirt post

If you have monitored any dog, you will agree with me here that dogs enjoy chasing things. That is the reason you should consider creating a flirt post for your dog. If your dog is a high drive one, this is the perfect toy for your dog. Your dog will have good bodily exercise by the flirt post. In case there is a PVC tube lying just about the house, make use of it as the rod. If you desire to have a different thing, consider an extensive stick that you can find in your home.

Interactive ping pong dog Toy

If you want to have an easy DIY dog puzzle, all you need is to hack a tennis ball and top it up with treats. That is all.


Well, this is how easy it is to make dog toys for your loyal friend. Before you start making a toy, ensure you have something in mind that you want to make.

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